Eating through Montego Bay


by Christian Good

Montego Bay is home to breathtaking scenery, a vibrant nightlife, world-class resorts and some of the most delicious food in the Caribbean. While most of us immediately think of Jerk (that delicious marinade or dry rub made up mainly of allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers), this tropical city offers so much more.

Blessed with fresh seafood and fruits and vegetables most destinations would be jealous of, dining in Montego is so much more than pork and chicken.

1.- Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill Rd, Jamaica

A historic and iconic restaurant, Sugar Mill is often regarded as Jamaica's best. Offering mouthwatering staple Jamaican dishes with an international twist in the most spectacular of settings, Sugar Mill is sure to impress every palette and eye sight.

2.- Houseboat Grill

Bogue Lagoon, Jamaica

Anchored in breathtaking Marina Park, The Houseboat Grill gives away its charm in its name. Serving delicious seafood from an actual house boat, this restaurant is famous amongst locals and tourists alike for its fresh Jamaican fare and beautiful setting.

3.- Scotchies

Falmouth Road, Montego Bay

There's a reason why the line stretches outside Scotchies, and the reason could not be more delicious. Locals and tourists alike flock to Scotchies to eat some of the best grub Jamaica has to offer.

4.- Marguerites

Hip Strip, Gloucester Ave.

Marguerite's iconic seaside setting has been a staple of Montego Bay for over 55 years. Their signature offerings of creatively prepared seafood, table-side Ceasar salad presentation and an award winning wine selection, welcomes clientele who appreciate a consistent standard of excellence.

5.- The Pork Pit

Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay

Those who know Montego Bay, know that the Pork Pit is the first stop after getting off the plane. Their mouthwatering Jamaican jerk pork and chicken is both authentic and delicious.