Jewels of Treasure Beach


by Christian Good

Laid back, friendly, and proudly Jamaican, Treasure Beach -like its name indicates- is full of gems. Travelers looking for off the beat destinations, look no further. This string of sleepy fishing villages along six miles of sandy beaches is complete with destinations sure to bring a smile to your face. Here we present two of the must-visit places on this storied area.

1.- The Pelican Bar

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Half a mile off the coast of Treasure Beach, The Pelican Bar is the perfect place to leave your worries behind. Standing only on driftwood (where guests can get their names carved) this bar offers the freshest seafood around, plenty of beer and an entire ocean for guests to swim to their hearts content

2.- Jake's Hotel

Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

The reasons are plenty for everyone -including celebrities- to fall in love with this bohemian-chic hotel in the heart of Treasure Beach. With its unique decor, locally sourced dining and unrivaled privacy, Jake's hotel is the prefect escape.